Team event Maastricht

Tailor-made team event

Team event Maastricht

Looking for a unique team outing in Maastricht? Discover Maastricht with your team on a scooter. Combine the rent of a scooter with fun activities. Some examples:

Coffee with flan

Lunch or dinner

Lunch of diner

Scavenger hunt

QR route

Something else? Special group discount? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!



Discover beautiful Maastricht or the Limburg hills by footbike. Take a step tour and combine it with fun activities. Rent a step via STEP Maastricht and enjoy!

Team Event
STEP Maastricht

Hire a step and discover. Scooting is fun, healthy and very sustainable. Besides, you get to see places you wouldn't otherwise go.
Team event

Stepping is fun

Rent a step, just for a day

Combine the tour with a drink or a picnic

Try our step scavenger hunt

Within 10 minutes in the centre of Maastricht

Free parking

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