Route through Maastricht

Historic Maastricht route

A selection of some of the historic buildings in Maastricht. Step past these historic buildings and get a taste of the history of one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands. Click on the "navigate" button to navigate to the location.


A –  De stadsmuur

The first city wall of Maastricht. Through the different colors in the wall you can see that the wall was restored at the top. Also the cannons that are here are from Maastricht's rich history. Around the corner you can see the famous Help Gate. 


B – Onze Lieve Vrouwebasiliek

A church building built in Romanesque style and built in the 12th century. Inside this church there is a beautiful interior that can be viewed for free. We can only recommend this.

C – De Romeinse vestigingspoort

A hotel where Roman remains are buried beneath. In 1983 part of the western entrance gate was found here. They were probably built in the year 333. Remains can be seen in the central basement room.

D – Bisschopsmolen

A medieval water mill that can be found in the Jekerkwartier. It houses a bakery that processes grains from the Limburg countryside into the most delicious products. Walk into the store to complete the experience with a piece of real Limburg flan.



E – Kruisherenklooster

One of the fully preserved manor houses from the 15th century in the Netherlands. Currently it has been converted into a design hotel and restaurant which is part of the Oostwegel Collection.  Many a famous person has stayed here during a visit to Maastricht. 



F – Sint Servaasbasiliek

Church named after the patron saint and fourth century bishop : Saint Servatius. This church is considered the oldest existing church in the Netherlands. This puts it in the list of 100 most important national monuments. The most important objects are kept in the treasury.


E – De Hoofdwacht

A military guard building in the history of Maastricht, built in 1774. The daily affairs were coordinated here. The keys of the city gates were also kept here.

F – Minckeleers

The man who invented coal gas in his search for gas for hot air balloons. This proved useful for lighting houses and streets. This invention earned him eternal fame.