free scavenger hunt!

Scavenger hunt Maastricht

Collect 8 yellow letters scattered around Maastricht. Make a word out of these 8 letters and win a fun gift! Fun to do and it takes you past the most beautiful sights of Maastricht. Length: about 2 hours.

Do you want to do this with 2 groups? Make it a competition! Then have the 2nd group do a different order: A - G - F - E - D - C - B - H.

a. Square 1992

The square is named after the important year 1992, when the EU-Treaty was signed in Maastricht, which, among other things, decided the arrival of the euro as a single currency in a number of European countries.

b. St. Servatius Bridge

Called Maasbrug until 1932 and colloquially old bridge (in maastricht dialect: aw brögk), is a 13th-century stone arch bridge over the river Maas in the Dutch city of Maastricht. The bridge is named after the 4th-century bishop of Maastricht, St. Servatius

c. Mosae Forum

Mosae Forum is a shopping and office complex in the center of the Dutch city of Maastricht, located in the city center, between the Market square and the river Meuse. The name refers to Maastricht's Roman past: Mosa is the Latin name for the river Meuse, forum means central square.

d. The Vrijthof

The Vrijthof is the most famous square in Maastricht city centre. The square is best known for its many monuments, a series of annual events and the many café terraces. Due to its continuous use since Roman times, Vrijthof's history is unique in the Netherlands.

e. Donkey market

The Donkey market (Ezelmarkt) is not known to have ever traded donkeys here, so this was never a market place. Maastricht tanners used to live in this neighbourhood. Possibly the street name has to do with 'eselen'. That was medieval Dutch for hammering and beating the cloth.

f. Basilica of Our Lady

This basilica, also called Star of the Sea, and in maastrichtian dialect: Slevrouwe, is a Romanesque church located on the Square of Our Lady. The basilica is best known for its imposing west building, the sculpted capitals in the ambulatory and the headpiece with the statue of the Star of the Sea.

g. City park

The park consists of a series of subparks, created during the 19th and 20th centuries, each with its own atmosphere. The park design is largely determined by the presence of Maastricht's fortifications.

h. Wyck

Wyck is a district with a character all its own. The many contemporary and exclusive stores, hip hotels, trendy restaurants and creative entrepreneurs that have settled there in recent years blend perfectly with the existing authentic specialty shops.

Check the outcome

Hope you had an enjoyable getaway. Form a word with the letters and check if you have won anything. Tip: ask Dutch for help!