Route through Maastricht

Flikken Maastricht route

A route along famous locations in the series of Flikken Maastricht. Step along the home of Eva van Dongen and Floris Wolfs or along the famous police station.  Click on the "navigate" button to navigate to the location.


A –  Hotel de l’Empereur

The residence where Eva and Wolfs stay in one of the first seasons. Eva seems to get along with bartender Joes here, which causes Wolfs to become jealous.


B – Het Bassin

For the real connoisseur who has been there from the beginning a familiar image from the intro of the series. Eva and Floris always arrive here from the lock on the speedboat.


Flikken Maastricht tour Step maastricht

C – Sint Servaasbrug

The well known bridge that can be seen every time in the intro of Flikken Maastricht. Iconic image of the city. The current steel section can be raised if large barges need to pass.

D – Entre Deux

The location where shots were fired at Luca, the boyfriend of Fleur Wolfs. Floris Wolfs also flees via the stairs on the right side with a suitcase with money. 

E – Pension de Ponti

The house that probably every viewer knows, Pension de Ponti. The house where Eva van Dongen and Floris Wolfs live in the series and where many scenes take place. If you look through the windows you see the familiar open back facade.



F – Politiebureau Maastricht

The real Maastricht police station from the series which is often seen. However, the scenes that take place inside were not shot at this location, but at a film location in Amsterdam.