Route through Maastricht

Toeristische route door Maastricht

A specially created route for your day of stepping! Step along the special 12 famous spots and don't miss a thing of Maastricht. Information about the location is listed under the name. Click on the "navigate" button to navigate to the location.

A –  STEP Maastricht

STEP Maastricht started in 2021 with the rental of scooters for adults and children. Since then, the company rents out scooters daily to tourists or teams. 

Bij STEP Maastricht huur je steps in combinaties met aanvullende opties zoals koffie met Limburgse vlaai, een Wine-to-Go of de speurtocht. 

Discovering Maastricht by scooter is an unforgettable experience!



B – Gouvernement aan de Maas

The Gouvernement aan de Maas, the provincial house, is located on the Meuse in Maastricht. For a small part even on an island in the Maas. It was built between 1983 and 1985. About 1000 people work in the Gouvernement aan de Maas.

There is an office area for the officials and an administrative area for the provincial government. Special rooms are the State Room and Celebration Hall.

C – Bonnefantenmuseum

The Bonnefanten is a museum of visual arts in Maastricht, the capital of the province of Limburg. It is one of the three provincial museums in Limburg.

The name Bonnefanten is derived from the former Bonnefanten Monastery in downtown Maastricht, where the museum was located from 1951 to 1978.

Het Bonnefanten in Maastricht presenteert verrassende vaste collecties en wisselende tentoonstellingen van niet-mainstream kunst en kunstenaars.

D – Maaspunttoren

The Maaspunttoren, formerly also called tower at the high Maaspunt, Rondeeltoren or Lambrechtsrondeel, is an originally medieval watchtower on the right bank of the river Maas in the Dutch city of Maastricht.

The tower once formed, together with the Recent tower, the southwestern defense of the Wycker city wall. The tower probably dates from the fourteenth century, but was renewed several times over the centuries.

E – Het Waterpoortje

The Waterpoortje, formerly also called Kolenpoort or Batpoort, is an originally medieval water gate. The gate stands on the Maaskade Stenenwal at the place where the street Waterpoort runs into the Maas. The gate is a national monument.





F – De Maas

The city is named after it and therefore you can imagine that this river is an important part of the city. The Meuse rises in France and then flows through Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, the Meuse is the southernmost of the major rivers and discharges into the North Sea in the Dutch river delta. Viewing the Meuse from the various bridges in Maastricht is already a special experience in itself.


Flikken Maastricht tour Step maastricht

G – Sint Servaasbrug

The oldest bridge in the Netherlands but not in Maastricht... looking south, there is a pillar on the Maastricht bank with a statue marking where the Roman bridge used to be. The Servaas Bridge replaced it and has since been rebuilt, renovated, bombed, blown up and rebuilt many times... but the core has remained!

The current steel section can be raised if large barges need to pass. This will be controlled remotely; the bridge keeper's house (turret) will be filled in artistically.


H – Stadhuis en Minckeleers

The Town Hall on the Market Square was built in the years 1659-1664 under master builder Pieter Post. The tower dates from 1684 and contains a carillon with 49 bells, which is played regularly. Interesting interior with beautiful tapestries, stucco, ceiling paintings and mantelpieces.

Jan Pieter Minckelers, also Jean-Pierre Minckelers or J.P. Minckeleers (Maastricht, baptized December 2, 1748 - died there July 4, 1824), was a Dutch scientist and inventor. He is considered the discoverer of illuminating gas (coal gas) and gas lighting




I – De Vrijthof

In the heart of the city you will find the beautiful Vrijthof. This special square is known as the setting for André Rieu's summer concerts, the Preuvenemint and Magical Maastricht at the Vrijthof. For the other (and largest) part of the year, the Vrijthof is free to walk across and take in the extraordinary view.

Around the Vrijthof are numerous historic buildings that still remind us of the time when Maastricht was a religious center and a military fortress. Think of the Saint Servaas Church, Saint John's Church, the Spanish Government, the Guardhouse and the General House.

On the other side you will find numerous cozy terraces and beautiful hotels that are visited throughout the year by both visitors and residents of Maastricht. This romantic and historic square is the largest square in Maastricht.


J – De Helpoort

The Help Gate is part of the first city wall, which was built after Henry I, Duke of Brabant, gave permission to do so in April 1229. 

It is the only city gate still present in Maastricht and also the oldest city gate in the Netherlands. The gate was used as a defensive structure for about two centuries. It lost this function when the Nieuwstad, the area south of the gate, was walled in (2nd half of the 15th century). 

After that time the gate was used for various purposes: meeting place of the cloth makers or fullers, rigging house, powder magazine and residence.



K – De Onze-Lieve-Vrouwenwal

Onze-Lieve-Vrouwewal - in the center of the Dutch city of Maastricht. The rampart along the Maastricht City Park and the river Maas was part of the first and second medieval city walls of Maastricht.

The original rampart dates from the 12th or 13th century, but has been renewed several times over the centuries. The street with the same name in the Jeker Quarter, which is only accessible to pedestrians via steps, has four national monuments, including the rampart itself.

L – Hoge brug

Ook wel de loopburg genoemd. De fiets- of voetgangersbrug die in 2003 werd geopend.

De brug verbindt het oostelijke deel van Maastricht met het westelijke deel. Vanuit Wyck en centre ceramique loop je over deze brug naar het centrum van Maastricht langs de stadswal.

Vanaf de stadswal loop je zo de brug op en step je aan de andere kant van de Maas, via rechts naar STEP Maastricht langs de maas.